The Chess Board

It’s a network.  A production company.  A think tank.  A co-op.  A club.  A fraternity.  A not-so-secret society.

Chessboard Creative is a production network managed by The Chess Board, a diverse panel of artists and arts supporters dedicated to the promotion of original cultural endeavors through collaborative organization.  In addition to providing services in the fields of marketing, design, consulting, entertainment, and education, Chessboard Creative maintains an arena for arts and business networking through promotional events and its website, MotherBoard.

Meet The Chess Board

About the Board

Chessboard Creative’s strength comes from the dedication and diverse talent of its managing group, The Chess Board.

The Chess Board is comprised of artists, designers, media directors, and consultants, whose independent endeavors and mutual support fuel Chessboard Creative.

Several honorary titles have been bestowed upon individuals who can lend their unique perspective and counsel to advance Chessboard projects.  Members of The Chess Board are fun, creative people who enjoy a good laugh at meetings, and making ideas into reality.

Chessboard Creative is actively recruiting Board Members.  Our philosophy is that the more diverse the network, the stronger it becomes.  What can you bring to the Chessboard?  What can it do for you? Interested? Please contact us.

Department of Royal Events

The members of Chessboard like to have a good time, and always with a sense of humor and a touch of elegance.  Welcome to the D.R.E : The Department of Royal Events.  Royal events are designed to be tremendously fun, serve as networking forums, and support member endeavors, future projects, and worthy causes within and beyond the Chessboard network.

Louella Hopper, A.K.A. Lady RedKnight

Louella Hopper is Chessboard Creative’s resident society matron.  Look for her at Royal Events, reporting on the “who’s who” and the well to do.  Catch her column the next day at – you might be featured!

Be a Player

In addition to its special events, Chessboard Creative offers many opportunities for networking through its website.  Become a “Player” on the chessboard by creating a personalized profile and search the Player’s Court for artists and entrepreneurs with similar interests and business needs.  Let the network know who you are, what you do, and what you’re looking for.


MotherBoard is Chessboard Creative’s source for events listings and Player communication.  After creating a Chessboard profile, Players are encouraged to post information on upcoming events (functionality coming soon), performances (functionality coming soon), and classified style advertisements.

MotherBoard also provides a private forum accessible to managing members of The Chess Board.  Board members can create and contribute to discussion threads with the ability to have new posts forwarded to their primary email account.  The MotherBoard forum allows for quick responses between directors and decreases the need for organizing and coordinating physical meetings.  Managing directors are also provided an email address through Chessboard Creative based upon their designated chess piece.  ( For Example: If you are interested in becoming a Board Member, please contact us.