Player Name Lady White Rook
Full Name Audrey Sargent
Title Independent Creative, Artist, Chessboard Creative Webmistress
Base of Operations

Anywhere in the US

Areas of Expertise

Web design, graphic design, Flash animation, Wordpress, XHTML, CSS, JQuery

Biography I have over four years experience working on websites and graphic design as an independent creative. My previous job was as a designer and photographer for an African and world art dealer, and I learned a lot about the internet, art, and marketing there. My BFA in Time-Based Media Design from the Columbus College of Art & Design in Columbus, Ohio, and minor in writing give me an approach that is both flexible and well-grounded in traditional art and design. Personally speaking, I love chocolate, cooking, gardening, knitting lace, my husband, books, and singing. Check out my website to find out more about me!

MotherBoard Output

I am seeking great new clients who enjoy my creative approach to getting their work out there.

MotherBoard Input

I LOVE to work for arts related clients- having past history in the arts and theater myself, I understand the unique self promotion needs of people in creative fields.

Email (Public!)

Phone (Public!) 719-661-2920