Player Name Lady Black Bishop
Base of Operations

Pittsburgh PA and the Universe at large!!

Biography A sojourner of the vast spaces of time…. oh, yes, and I sing too!! I've done the academic "thang"…. 7 straight years many moons ago! Then, did the teaching "thang"…. many more moons ago! Then, did the corporate temp "thang" many many more moons ago! Then, did the freelance, entrepreneurial artist "thang" many sunsets ago! But for the "Power of Now"… I am seeking out my truest self!…. sharing my talents with others and just "letting life BE" …. and "letting Life Become" ! As my hero Mike Dooley says…. "Thoughts Become Things… so Choose the Good Ones!" So, I'm thrilled to be here on the "Mother Board" and compelled to "watch it all unfold"….. Let the Games BEGIN ….