Player Name Barbra J. Dillon
Full Name Barbra J. Dillon
Base of Operations

Los Angeles, CA

Areas of Expertise

Producing, copy editing, graphic novel publishing, and talent management


Fanboy Comics (, 19more (

Biography Barbra Dillon is the managing editor of Fanboy Comics and many of its past and present projects. Born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA, Barbra graduated as Outstanding Graduating Senior from Point Park University with a double-major in Political Science and History. She moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in talent management and production in 2005. During her time in Los Angeles, Barbra has had the pleasure to work with such actors as Vince Vaughn, Jim Carrey, Chris Rock, Will Ferrell, and Doug Bass. Her film credits have included such masterpieces of cinema as Semi Pro and The Pre-Nup. She produced numerous short films and web series including "Batman of Suburbia" and "Something Animal, " and served as legal advisor on "Walken on Sunshine" by fellow Point Park grads, Dave Droxler and Mike Thurstlic. When she is not editing, Barbra enjoys reading anything by David Sedaris. Ultimately, she hopes to own her own arts organization that supports artists of all mediums in their creative endeavors. She is the coolest geek-girl in the world and knows more about Watchmen than Alan Moore.

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I am happy to be of any assistance within my areas of expertise; however, I am always happy to go above and beyond for those who are simply in need. In addition, the staff of Fanboy Comics is happy to assist those creative individuals who are interested in delving into the graphic novel and/or webcomic genres.

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The Chessboard Creative is a wonderful and imaginative organization which will, without a doubt, provide support for artists of all kinds. Congratulations to all involved!